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“They call me ugly” – Single mom of 7 rejected by her father finds love again as rich man proposes & weds her (Video)

A Kenyan mom of 7 children has found love again after years of several sufferings and was rejected by her father.

Speaking with Afrimax English, the woman revealed that man who not only adored her but never abused her verbally or physically like in her previous marriages.

Relating her story, the Kenyan mom, Addah Doebele, began hustling from age 12 to support her mother who struggled to make ends meet as her father dumped them. 

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Addah said she grew up believing she was the ugliest person no thanks to verbal abuse suffered in her first and second marriages.

In her words; “Once in a while, I would accidentally look at the windows and I would see myself there and I would see a monster, a very ugly person looking up at me, looking back at me because I believed it in my mind.”

Addah revealed that her first husband forced himself on her at the age of 15 and eventually became his third wife. She suffered verbal abuse from the man and his first wife. At the age of 22, she walked away with three children.

The mother of three eventually settled down with a young man but who soon began abusing her too. He also told her that she was so ugly and that no man would marry her.

After giving birth to four kids to the second young man, the mother of seven said she eventually walked away from the marriage as well. 

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Years later, 2011 precisely, she found love on a dating site in a rich white man. He not only proposed to her but married her. He would later pass away after 10 years of marriage. 

Watch the video below:

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