Trouble as first wife attacks husband’s second wife on their wedding day (Video)

A Fulani bride (Amarya) has suffered assault at the hands of her senior wife who seemed displeased about her husband’s decision to take a second wife.

The bride as is customary in the tribe, visited the first wife to pay respects on her wedding day, but the event witnessed a shocking twist.

In a viral video shared online, she had been led her to greet her senior colleague at her home but the latter saw it as an opportunity to pounce on her.

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She threw blows and slaps at the second wife thereby causing panic and pandemonium at the venue.

The post read, “In fulani culture setting, when a man re marry, the bride (Amarya) will go and greet the first wife, to show respect,”

“The (First wife) seized this opportunity to attack the bride. This is wrong, there is no justification to this act. Kaajal na ko ginnaji?”

Social media users took to comment section as they expressed their thoughts.

Watch the video below:

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Some reactions are shown below:

@SurajoTeete said, “This culture is perfect, and good to maintain for the unity among the family. Such nonsense can happen even if the culture is not there.”

@HausaRoom said, “This is worrying, perhaps it’s time to stop this culture.”

@Sadeeqahtou said, “Saw someone saying they are friends fa! If it’s true, not a single soul on this app can understand the pain she felt and is feeling. I am not saying she is right but u can’t dictate how a person reacts. We all are different and so is our tolerance level.”

@hoosieyh said, “My pride won’t allow me to go and greet any uwargida God knows. I’m here for my husband not you. If we meet anywhere where it’s necessary if you seem Intrested zamu gaisa if not kowa yayi harkan gabansa. We all have a life outside that marriage.”

@Ayshataligurin said, “U see some of dis fulani need to be stopped …..majority of fulani homes have co wives yes kuma kajal na ginnaji ba but..till date fulani wives takes rivalry on a different level…is only a fulani home dat yara will grow together but ana girma an waste saboda….”

@simisola10 said, “No man wants to share his wife and similarly, no woman wants to share her husband. Expecting women to be ok with this is baffling.”

@Ishamaqueen said, “If it was me I won’t even go sef, na you I dey marry or your husband 😂😂 It’s better to enter first wife o, I can’t face this beating, I will revenge 🤣”.

@bn_0mar said, “The way that i hate being stressed and value my peace of mind ehnn, I don’t think i can ever marry more than one wife. May God not even allow me do am. This is really awful”.

@Titilop58717517 said, “The culture is actually somewhat insensitive. The wife has a right to decide if she wants to meet her. Na the husband Marry not her though I condemn her actions”.

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