“Very useless people” – Angry lady lambasts HR for rejecting her work application, response trends online

An angry applicant has replied human resources, HR, of a tech company after she was rejected and her response trended online.

Many Nigerians seek opportunities to advance their careers and it is often difficult to accept the rejection that comes when they do not make the cut.

In the letter shared by Cyber security expert Confidence Staveley @sisinerdtweets on Twitter, the applicant replied with insults after receiving her rejection letter, unable to hide her disappointment. 

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The angry lady also revealed that she was rejected because she did not come from a rich background.

The response reads, “This is so disappointing not only to me but to all young girl and poor girls with no connections around the world…But I understand, do your thing it is an unfair world after all. This was never meant for me anyways, it was meant for all those rich girls you had in your databases. Very useless people.” 

Her replies generated massive reactions as social media users took to the platform to share their thoughts.

Checkout the post below:

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Some reactions are shown below:

@hackSultan said, “Omooooo. E be things.”

@toluogunlesi said, “Did you bother giving her feedback that this a No-No?”

@BukiAzaria said, “Oh dear. I feel so pained by this Lady’s pessimism and negativity? Your team did nothing to deserve this. But can I offer her mentoring in anyway, if she is open?”

@Generalsilas said, “This was never meant for her like she rightly said because this career is about CHARACTER and LEARNING. Someone who would send such an email
obviously lacks the character needed for the rigors ahead. Imagine what she’ll tell a recruiter if denied a job or “difficult” clients.”

@Luwyziana said, “This is so wrong. You really did dodge a bullet. Thank God sis”.

@ugochianoka said, “You dodged a bullet abeg😂😂”.

@mrsanwo said, “The regular mindset that impedes growth! I pray this person learns fast and does better.”

@E_Graciey said, “Wow, I didn’t get into #cybersafe, I got the same “No” last year but I made good use of the @cyberlearnershq and other cybersecurity opportunities out there and it’s been the best experience ever. A “No” might be the fuel you need to achieve your dreams.”

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