“VIP costs N1000” – Lady shares experience at chef Dammy 120 hours cook-a-thon, story trends

A Nigerian lady called Debbie Agboola has shared her experience at sensational chef Dammy at her 120 hours cook-a-thon happening at Ekiti state.

After beginning her 120-hour culinary challenge to beat Hilda Baci’s record, Chef Dammy becomes an internet superstar. While Hilda Baci waits to be recognized by Guinness World Records, the Ekiti chef has been followed by praises and knocks for initiating her own cooking marathon.

However, the young lady revealed via her Facebook page that she visited the event to eat and watch the cooking marathon.

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Unlike Hilda Baci, the lady narrated that the food at chef Dammy’s cook-a-thon were for sale and it had two categories – Regular and VIP. According to her, the VIP costs N1000 and it covers the 120 hours cooking marathon.

The lady wrote, “Like I stated in my previous post that I was going there to eat only, my intention was to go and eat and watch the cooking marathon, but when I got there, I met another thing. We were actually two who went together. Follow me as I gist you.”

“We got there and met some people outside, we asked for the exact place and they directed us to the ushers. We got there and we were told there’s VIP and regular. Regular are those downstairs and won’t eat out of the food while VIP are the ones upstairs and have access to take pictures and videos of the chef and still eat food. They further added that VIP costs #1,000.”

“We asked if the 1k covers the 120hrs or just 24hrs and they told us it covers just today, that we’re going to eat all the food she will prepare. We made transfer of #2,000 into their account and entered. We met like 5 other VIP guests while I was the only female to join them with the person that went with me. She was cooking White rice and sauce when we got there.”

“Few minutes after, some people came in to change the atmosphere by hyping her and singing primary school rhymes and morning devotion songs, which I fully participated, I led up to 5songs while we all sang together. I was sincerely rooting for this chef.”

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“Rice was ready, they packed everything inside a tray and put like 10 rubber spoons and said everybody would eat together, they gave those who came up the food and they took it downstairs.”

“We called the usher and asked what was happening? They apologized and said the next meal would be for us. They even added that it’s the kitchen assistants that are not complying with them.”

“They shared bottle water and Pepsi😎 The next food was toast bread with fish and egg. Few minutes before that one was ready, another set of people who did not pay came up again to come and shout, I say let me look up, these people are already eating the toast bread, they did not give we the VIP again.”

“I can see people burning with anger at my back, infact the guy who sat beside me was a total cruise, the guy came from Ado Ekiti and was regretting, he said if he was to be at home, he would have eaten thrice🤣 I called the usher and asked wetin dey sup again, she apologized and said she was not aware that they’ve shared the bread.”

“She said we’re the ones eating next. Regular people dey chop, VIP mouth dry. Make I kuku join regular nau🙄 But I kept cool and was still participating in all the activities and even giving them song ideas🤣🤣”.

“The next meal was Catfish pepper soup with boiled plantain. Few minutes again, some bearded geng entered and started the high table vibes. I saw the chef boiling Yam too, so I guessed we were going to eat the pepper soup with the Yam 🤣 Dey play🤣”.

“Pepper soup was ready and they were serving, I was pressing phone when one of the ushers tapped me and asked me to collect, she said it’s for me and the guy with me.
She gave the other two guys beside us too, before I close my eyes and open it, these guys don finish catfish pepper soup🤣🤣🤣”.

“We ate the pepper soup and the usher came to apologize again and asked if the pepper soup was okay, we said it was okay, but I requested more pepper, because a life without pepper is a yepere life🤷🤣 We sha joked about it.”

“The next meal was Yam and egg sauce and the guys beside me were very happy to eat another food after eternity. The guy with me said we are not leaving till evening, at least let’s use our 1k🤣 As we were discussing, that was how one of their team came to tell us to go outside and let other people come in.”

“Uncle, was that our agreement? was that what you told us before we paid? He started stammering. I gave him another idea, I told him there’s still space that they should bring in more chairs that we would adjust for them.”

“He left and came again to send us out, people started to murmur, I told them they were not straightforward, they said 24hours validation nau. The guy insisted we go out, I told him I would leave after eating yam and egg sauce 🤣🤣”.

“He went and brought bouncer, the senseless bouncer too asked me to leave, the guys seated with me stood up and left with anger, the guy asked us to leave, as we were talking, the bouncer wanted to use force and added “if you don’t want the easy way, I will use the hard way”

“My head sparked🤣 You want to beat me?? Asin hard way of hitting? I called the attention of the guy in their team and he said I was stubborn. Omor I called the bouncer and asked him again if he wanted to beat me and let’s scatter everything 🤣”.

“Other bouncers came and apologize and said he didn’t mean it that way. I told them I would also implicate them the hard way too. I left and met many people who have paid at the entrance that haven’t entered. Who send you work if you know you can’t solely sponsor it? Who send you? Hilda did it so you too want to do it bha? 🤣 This is not Cookathon, this is a fraudulent activity. I don’t have issue with Damilola, but she’s being managed by unprofessional people. This is not GWR standard, stop wasting your time. Go and learn! The only sensible people there are two ladies in the ushering department, well done girls. The rest? Go to h£ll👻”.

See her post below:

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