“Which kain proposal?” – Reactions as Nigerian man casually proposes to girlfriend in car and asks her to say thank you (Video)

A video has gone viral on social media as a Nigerian man casually proposed to his girlfriend by passing her a ring and telling her to wear it.

The video, which captured many attention, showed the man giving his lover the wedding before telling the woman that he won’t kneel because that’s how African men propose.

He also asked her to say “thank you” after she accepted the ring.

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In the popular adopted customs in Nigeria, the man, who wished to level up his relationship with his lady, goes down on one kneel and pop out the question, “will you marry’.

However, there have been some exemptions where the lady does the proposal, some men just propose casually to their loved ones.

In the recent video surfacing online, the young Nigerian man gave the ring to his woman and said, “Oya carry, take”.

After the woman collected the ring and he gave further instructions, “Put it on your finger”, which she obeyed.

He then went on saying, “there’s no point kneeling down. That is the way we African men engage people.”

He then told her to express astonishment and thank him. He said, “Say wow,” he told her after she wore the ring.

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After she responded, he told her to say “thank you.”

“Thank you sir,” the lady replied.

Social media users expressed their thoughts as they reacted in funny ways.

Watch the video below:

@aku_glow_ry IGBO MEN ENGAGEMENT BE LIKE SHOUT SMALL WOW AND SAY THANK YOU 😂😂😂😂#goviral ♬ original sound - Aku_glowry

Below are the some reactions generated:

user1991770541770 said, “see dem they go for timid girls and u will finish University in there house so u no go go spoil mind u go carry Belle at a point to shuu lecturers 😂”.

Dick Nakswell said, “Yes. this is how the Real Big Boys engage and propose….the girl MUST say yes!”

user6515272842343 said, “she’s a beautiful soul she said thank you sir 🥰that’s lovely”.

TikTok Commentator said, “Which kain proposal? 😂😂😂Like say na gift. Baba say na “Oya carry”.

king manic said, “i think this is the best way to do it😏”.

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