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Thursday, December 7, 2023

“Wonders shall never end” – Moment robot waiter gets angry at customer who blocks its way, says it will be fired (Video)

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A video making the rounds online has captured moment a robot waiter named ‘Peanut’ expressing its frustration towards a customer in a restaurant.

The viral video shows a female customer blocking the way of the robot waiter, leading to Peanut’s response.

In the clip, Peanut, who is equipped with advanced AI technology, is seen navigating through the restaurant to fulfill its duties. However, when confronted by the woman blocking its path, the robot surprisingly expresses frustration and implores her not to hinder its progress.

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It said, “Don’t block my way, please. I have to work, otherwise I’ll be fired.” The unexpected interaction has captivated viewers, sparking discussions about the evolving capabilities of AI and its ability to mimic human emotions.

Watch the video below:


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Some reactions are shown below:

Mya.c said, “peanut does not want to get fired that’s all”.

✨🏳️‍🌈✨ said, “peanut is mad please don’t get in the way he doesn’t want to lose his job”.

Anti Hero said, “Peanut is gonna end up being shoved in a closet”.

bigD said, “Restaurants that are replacing people with machinery don’t get my money 😳”.

gluten_free_meth said, “😂😂😂they won’t even give the robot workers rights😂😂😂”.

Holly Popshhhhh! said, “Glad we’re loading anxiety into AI too… 😅”.

DrunkleSteve said, “you tell em Peanut. it’s hard out there for a robot”.

Park So Yeon said, “Peanut is frustrated. don’t stress peanut please.”

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