2023: Pastor fumes, says those inviting politicians to campaign in churches are Nigeria’s problem

The President of Nigeria Coalition of Pastors for Good Leaders, Apostle Babatunde Oguntimehin has said clerics and others inviting politicians to campaign in churches are problems of the country.

The pastor stated this during an interview with The Nation on Saturday, January 21, 2023.

Asked about the insinuations that clerics should not get too involved in politics. He said; “the electioneering process is God’s way of choosing his own to rule over his people. It’s as if we do not read our Bible.

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When Judas Iscariot misbehaved and was condemned, the remaining disciples conducted an election that produced another person to fill the position of Judas Iscariot, Matthias won the election. That was the first election conducted in the New Testament.

Before the New Testament, when God sent Jonah to Nineveh, something happened to people in the boat, they didn’t know what was happening, and they had to conduct an election to know what was happening. After they conducted the election, the lots fell on Jonah where he was hiding, which led to his being discovered.

The Bible said when the righteous are in power, the people will rejoice. Who are the righteous?

Are we not Christians? Are we not Muslims? Are we not the righteous ones? If someone is godly, I am not talking about being religious because religion is what is killing us in Nigeria today.

I am talking about a godly attitude that I have found in Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Who is godly? Who is a leader? Someone interested in the welfare of others. And BAT is interested in the affairs of everybody in this country. That is a godly person. Look at how many people BAT has raised, and how many families he has impacted. So why are you now comparing such a person with Obi who was a governor in Anambra State for eight years but couldn’t mentor anyone?

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What informed your decision to throw your weight behind Tinubu?

We held prayers and vigils for all candidates, in the process, God revealed to me that heaven had a hand in his coming to become president and he would stabilise Nigeria.

Let me use the opportunity to speak out on the revelation I recently received. I was told that any further attack on him will attract the wrath of God. This is because any attack on him is an attack on the throne of grace. Heaven has a hand in his candidature as the one to stabilise Nigeria. God is interested in the affairs of Nigeria and God cares less about the denomination or religion of the person. All those attacking him on social media as regards his health, the statements he is making, his age, and everything, should stop. God is not happy with these attacks and God will not be happy with anybody that attacks him that is what has been revealed to us. Tinubu is heaven’s choice and this is a challenge to him, if he doesn’t know this yet, he should start having the mindset that heaven has a hand in his candidature and they will hold him responsible for the welfare of Nigerians If he misuses the opportunity.

We have seen prominent pastors welcome a Christian presidential candidate to their programmes which aligns with some interest in CAN, won’t your decision to support Tinubu amount to betrayal?

We are not just coming up for Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s (BAT) sake or because he is a member of APC. Our name is Nigeria Coalition of Pastors for Good Leadership not Nigeria Coalition of Pastors for Tinubu. The group has been existing since 2014. We are not bothered about a party. We prayed and God told us the candidate to support.

Moreover, we have no political party in the real sense of it in Nigeria. The last time we had one was during the days of NPN, UPN, and so on. What we have today is people jumping from one party to another to get what they want. What we have in Tinubu is a candidate that God has sent to deliver us from the hand of people that are terrorising Nigerians and give us good leadership.

I am so concerned that what they are fighting for is a “No to Muslim-Muslim ticket,” right? And now they are inviting a candidate to campaign in their churches, are they trying to tell Nigerians that the fight is between Muslims and Christians? They are causing more problems in Nigerian politics. Have you ever seen BAT going to the mosque and Imam will raise his hands to announce that this is the candidate of APC? Are they not guilty of what they are accusing BAT of?

This is the reason that God raised somebody like us to speak the truth. I want to appeal to them, to stop playing the politics of religion. Is Peter Obi telling me that it is only Christians’ votes that he needs? Why has Peter Obi not gone to the mosques and let them announce his presence like they have been doing to him in some churches?

I want to appeal to some of our senior pastors to stop it. God is not happy with it. If Obi wants to campaign, let him do more campaigns outside the church to test his popularity and acceptance. God is not dividing Nigeria and Peter Obi should stop dividing Nigeria.

With the lingering insecurity in the country, is the Muslim-Christian ticket an antidote to a more secure Nigeria?

What we need is someone who can stop the insecurity, someone who has the interests of Nigerians at heart. Someone who doesn’t mind where he comes from, someone who doesn’t bother about the religion he practices. Tinubu will provide the political will needed to tackle insecurity in the country. And that is why we saw the revelation that heaven is interested in his candidature.

Without enjoying the support of Christians, do you see Tinubu winning the 2023 elections?

Forget about what you are seeing in some churches where Peter Obi has been visiting and is being announced. Christians will vote for Tinubu. In those Churches do you want to tell me that there are no APC members? And they will leave their man and vote for Obi? Politics is beyond being given a rousing welcome at church events.

Apart from this, I have observed over time that Christians can talk very well, but when it comes to election proper, we will not come out.

That’s why this group is bringing out the Christians who are not members of the PDP, or APC and who will not be seen in any political ground, to amass votes for a good candidate that will deliver Nigeria.

You seem so concerned about Obi, is his growing support across the country not a threat to your candidate which you said has heavenly support?

Obi is not in any way a threat to Tinubu. Let us put the revelation I had aside. Does Obi have the kind of pedigree Tinubu has? Is he popular and enjoys the support of Nigerians across the country? Has he shaken hands across the Niger for them to give him their support? Tinubu’s deal with Buhari in 2015 allowed Buhari to become the president today.

The kind of support PMB had in the North then, Obi doesn’t have in the North. Neither is he going to have a 100% vote in the south. This is just a political reality.

Even in the Southeast, where he hails from, he cannot win more than 50% there because some people from his region are not in support of his ambition and talk more of South West where BAT comes from.

Frankly speaking, If Obi wants to become president, let him wait. It is not now. Let him learn how to practice national politics and stop regional politics. It is even a disgrace that we are comparing BAT with Obi. BAT is a national leader while Obi is a sectional leader.

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