2023: Reno Omokri attacks Peter Obi, says he is not visiting churches for Christ but for votes

Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s aide Reno Omokri has criticised the presidential candidate of the Labour Party(LP) Peter Obi for constantly visiting churches to aid his political ambition.

Omokri made these claims in a series of tweets on Friday, saying Obi who had not even heard of these churches before 2022, had begun visiting them, travelling to Shiloh, and converting their altars into rallies.

He referenced the Bible in faulting the former Anambra Governor’s visits to churches ‘for votes’, noting Christ physically dealt with and chased away those who tried to desecrate the temple.

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“Have these churches read James 2:2-6? Peter Obi never remembered your church throughout his life. He only remembered you when he decided to run for President. And you offer him a front row seat and your altar? Have you done that for your regular and loyal members?

“Nobody on Earth, living or dead, has, to my knowledge, politicised church attendance like Peter Obi. A man who did not even know of the existence of these churches before 2022 has started going from church to church and Experience to Shiloh, turning altars to rallies,” he lamented.

Omokri bemoaned the fact that these churches, which Obi is now using to desecrate their altars, should look into how Obi instigated the conflict between the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church when he was governor of Anambra.

“And today, he is doing the same to them. Turning them from sanctuary to political rally! Peter Obi has turned himself into a church stalker.

“We wait for him to also attend Brotherhood of the Cross and Star’s convention. Shamelessly turning what should be spiritual events into political jamborees. He does not care. So long as they give him their altar,” he said.

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