Anambra election: How mob battered electoral officer, broke his hand, arrest him, over alleged falsification of results


A set of mob got angry, when they allegedly caught an electoral officer, who was falsifying the election sheets, the mob descended on him, battered him, broke his hand, while arresting him and transferring him to the police station

The electoral officer caught while manipulating electoral results in Ihiala LGA was given a beaten of his life, with sustained an arm injury.

The narrator in the viral video said he was caught ‘red handed’ while trying to manipulate the outcome of the results, he was challenged, and was advised to stop. But: didn’t yield to the advise, people where alerted on the embarrassing development, before they descended on the INEC official who was caught manipulating the outcome of the results 

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With a broken arm tied in bandage, he was allegedly handed over to the police as other electoral officers berated him for attempting to cause crisis in the local government and soil the integrity  of the INEC chairman that trusted him with the assignment.

Recall that INEC suspended election in Ihiala local government as a result of irregularities, INTEL REGION understands that, these might be the reason  why the decision was taken 

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