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Monday, October 18, 2021

BREAKING: My critics are little monkeys, with small brains, and low intelligence quotient – Femi Fani Kayode

 Femi Fani-Kayode, a former aviation minister has hit back at those who claim that he joined the ruling party for money.

FFK, during an interview on Channels TV described such people as ‘little monkeys’. The fiery politician, who was a major opposition figure, generated serious controversy after the announcement of his defection to the APC.

Responding to a question from the host, Seun Okinbaloye that some people were stating that his defection to the APC was finance related, a  viisibly angered

Fani Kayode replied with:

“Seun, I don’t expect that kind of ridiculous and absurd question from you, I have never lacked in finances okay, politicians dont move because of finaces, if  I want finances, I would have moved along sooner than today” 

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“I’ve struggled, and fought with the government than any of the little monkeys that said, what you have just said to me now”

He continued with detailing his family background

“I stand proud, and I stand tall. The kind of family I come from, finances has never been a problem”

“This is the absurd narrative that people with low quotient, with a very small brain always put out, and I don’t care”

“I’m more wealthy than most people think, when I was fighting the government, you didnt talk about finances or no finances. it is an old story, it is something that some particular set of people always talk about and those of us from the elite”, understood them”

He concluded with:

“Wait a minute, why cant you go and ask others that defect, and i’m disappoint in you for asking that kind of question”

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