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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Fate of Nigerians living in Qatar dicey, as Nigeria embassy neglect them in their time of needs

As the world stopped for Ukraine-Russia tension, Nigerians in Qatar are still left unattended to by the Nigeria government, as a result of failure of the government to provide passports for Nigerians living in Qatar  

Recall that intel Region reported that thousands of Nigerians  living in Qatar are about to lose their job as a result of failed passport renewal, which was caused by the Nigeria government incompetence 

Reacting to that report, Nigeria immigration service mailed the Nigerians living in Qatar, 45 names were shortlisted, out of 1500 names who applied for passport renewal since 2020. 

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A source told intel Region,

“Same day I read from you that the story has been published, I think nido Qatar made a post on how people can get a paper from the embassy to tender to their sponsor ( those that were captured during the last passports intervention but are yet to receive it)”. “Last night again we received email that 45 passports from last captured are available for collection, still none of my family members is among them”

“My husband, my two children and I”

Intel Region chatted Mr. Ajibade lateef, President of the the NIDO Qatar, an association of Nigerians in Qatar who serves as a communication tool between the Qatar government, the Nigeria Embassy and the Nigerians community

When asked, why Nigerians have issue with passport collections in Qatar

He said: “As per the question you asked, the issue of passport collection has to do with the failure of the immigration service back in Abuja

“The Embassy normally organized an intervention team to fly in to process all the passport renewal here in Qatar and they will go back to produce them and send it back to us in Qatar”

“The last time they came was last year August which was delayed due to Covid 19 issues and protocol and out of the 1500 processed, there were like 125 passport that was delayed due to non availability of booklet, wrong details in data input from the people applying and since then the people affected are waiting to get them”

Mr. Lateef said “Yes and the reason why their passport was delayed was communicated to them but the delivery date was not confirmed until 2 days ago that we received 44 pieces out of those pending”

He also added that others will get their soon enough

“According to the Consular yes, he informed that they are expecting another batch of passports in the following days”

Intel Region interviewed a post doctoral Researcher, working in Qatar, said that the way the Nigeria consulate handled the passport issue embarrass them at their place of  work

She said “I would say how Nigerian consulates handles the passport capturing process is  below expectation, it ridicule us at our places of work”

She also added that her passport is valid, but her three children, including a three month old son. 

“We were supposed to travel in 2021 to where we reside in the middle East, we could not, since my sons do not have valid passport”

she lamented!

She added that, they made online payment for passport renewal, which consulate said that their system did not reflect the payment , after six months of no contacts, they paid cash for the passport renewal, yet no passport was given to them. According to her, they paid twice, without getting any passport. 

She will have to travel down to Nigeria with her three month old son, to get passport, she said. 

When contacted, the Public Relation officer, Nigeria immigration services, refused to pick our call until it rang out. 


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