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Thursday, September 29, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: How Russian Billionaire, Roman Abramovich plans to sell Chelsea to himself, by selling it to his Turkish crony ‘Muhsin Bayrak’

Little known Turkish Billionaire, Mushin Bayrak dropped bombshell, when he said he was negotiating for 3billion pounds Chelsea, a deal many think he cant afford. But that is not the whole story. The story here is Mushin Bayrack is actually Roman Abramovich best friend and a crony 

A 2015 article detailed how Roman Abramovich, help institutionalized Bayrak Tribe. Mushin Bayrak who lead a tribe of over 500 people intitutionalized the tribe, by courting angel investors, like Roman Abramovich 

Daily Mail also reported that investigation revealed aa private jet owned by the Blues owner made a trip to Turkey on Wednesday, potentially to discuss terms with wealthy Turkish businessman Muhsin Bayrak

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Roman Abramovich in the Bayrack Tribe through his Turkish Friend Mushin Bayrack, Mushin Bayrack also confirmed Roman Abeamovich is an angel investor in his conglomerate, Mushin Bayrack is more than a businessman. He is a leader of a tribe with 5000 people, who depend on him to make investment plan, and the survival of that tribe, Bayrack was praised to have institutionalized Bayrack tribe 

Bayrak said: “We registered each of our members by becoming an association. Quality education and scholarships are provided to each member of the Bayrak tribe, which has 500 thousand. 

Recall intel Region reported that Roman Abramovich dropped in wealthy list Ranking to Africa Richest man Aliko Dangote, after the later added billions of dollars to his net worth 

Abramovich Luxury jet, Gulfstream G650ER craft – worth an estimated £48.7million new and one of a fleet of six operated by Abramovich – travelled from Moscow and landed briefly in Istanbul before flying on to Turkish capital Ankara.

Abramovich is seeking buyers for the Premier League club he owns, with a touted price of around £3billion. 

Bayrak has claimed he is locked in talks with the Russian over a purchase, insisting he is ‘in the negotiation phase for the signatures’.

Dailymail reported that

“The ‘£8billion-valued’ Bayrak has also vowed to ‘fly the Turkish flag in London soon’, suggesting Abramovich may have travelled to Turkey to thrash out details of selling Chelsea to the little-known tycoon.

This is the problem.  For Bayrack cannot pay a whooping 3billion pounds for Chelsea. Bayrack is not worth 8billion, and does not have that kind of money, the richest man in Turkey cannot buy Chelsea that figure is a speculation and unrealistic. 

According to Forbes, the Richest man in Turkey is Murat Ulker, Murat Ulker, who owns 63% of Turkish conglomerate Yildiz Holding, remains Turkey’s richest billionaire, according to Forbes’ 2021 list of the world’s wealthiest people.

intel Region exclusively gathered that the deal which was struck, when Roman travelled to Anakara was finalized secretly and was transferred to a third party, which was not disclosed by our sources. Bayrack will be the face, Roman will still be the owner technically, while controlling things from the backroom 

Abramovich sent shockwaves rippling through European football on Wednesday when he sensationally announced he is looking to sell the Blues and end his 19-year reign at Stamford Bridge amid his country’s invasion of Ukraine. 

According to 90mins, Bayrack is the Chairman of AB groups, and his  latest investment was 4million dollars in crypto

“AB Group has been around since 1999 and the company has over 10,000 employees. The company is trying to branch out and become more international. Their recent move into crypto exchange was called ABStocks, launched with an investment of $4m”

Roman Abramovich might have been pressured to sell Chelsea, but he wont sell Chelsea to anyone, but himself. 

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