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EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian in Qatar listless, as over 7000 Nigerians face imminent deportation, amidst massive job loss

Nigerians in Qatar are left to handle a systematic problem, after failure of the Nigeria Immigration services to provide a capturing machine for the renewal of Passports for Nigerians living in Qatar 

intel Region had earlier reported that Nigerians in Qatar faced mass deportation, over lack of passport. 

However, we could not ascertain the numbers of people that are affected, and the reason why the passports became scarce.

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A source, who confided in intel Region,  said 

“I am a Nigerian living and working in Qatar. Qatar is my second home, I have been living here for close to 17years now. Nigeria Embassy here in Doha has no capturing machine for international passports but the embassy used to bring the consular from Nigeria Embassy in Abu Dhabi to capture the Nigerians in Qatar for passports renewal once in a while”

“This was practice was affected by the pandemic from 2020 and the consular was not able to come until 2021. Many people were with either expired passports and or about to expire.”

“We were informed late 2020 to register online for passports capturing if we need to renew our passports which we did.”

“They came in August last year. I , my husband and two other daughters have expired passports and we made payments and we were captured but unfortunately none of us has received any passports till this moment”.

“Qatar is one of the countries that uses sponsorship. “As a man you need to have a job in order to have RP which is Residence Permit”. “Most companies renew the RP yearly that is it is always one year validity”

“You can’t renew your RP without a valid International Passports at least 6 months validity. “And without RP you can’t stay here even if you are working. You stand the chance of loosing your job if there is no RP”

“Now we are in a tight situation. “We can’t go to any neighbouring country for passports renewal because it’s invalid. “The only place we can go to is Nigeria” “Tell me how you can come back without RP? The embassy said immigration office in Abuja didn’t confirm our payment and innovative said they have release our money to immigration.

Who is fooling who? The Nigerian embassy in Doha is not doing enough of its best really

She lamented 

intel Region put a call through the Nigeria immigration in Qatar, they refused to pick until the call rang out, we also call the Nigeria Immigration services in Nigeria that deal with passport expiration, and we were directed to the Public Relation officer, the PRO also refused to pick our call, after  we call repeatedly and it rang out.

According to The Nigerian ambassador to Qatar, Yakubu Abdullahi Ahmed has said that over 7000 Nigerian professionals are currently plying their trade in Qatar.

“There is a teaming population of over 7,000 highly qualified and experienced Nigerian nationals such as medical practitioners, engineers, property development experts, and service providers among others that are performing excellently in diverse sectors,” he said.

If he were to be right, over 7000 skilled Nigerians are about to lose their jobs, and might be deported from Qatar, as a result of government lackadaisical attitude  on passport renewal 

Mr of interior Ogbeni Rauf Aregesola had once urged Nigerians to pay online for passport Renewal, and not to patronize louts

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