FUNAAB Management meets Muslim Students over hijab and Niqob (veil) crisis in the University

The Management of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) has met with the Muslim Students of the University following Intel Region’s report concerning the ban of Niqob (veil) for all Muslims interested in studying or visiting the University environment.

Intel Region had earlier reported that the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) was the first public institution to pronounce a ban on a religious dressing, niqob (veil), considered as a fundamental human right by the Constitution of Nigeria.

The announcement of the ban created an uproar from Muslim faithful and human right activists across the University, Nigeria and the world, citing that the University has no right to ban a fundamental human right and more also should not compare Niqob with mini-skirt tagging them as lousy/immoral.

In a meeting on Monday, between the University administration, the University Muslim Community and the Muslim Students of the University (MSSN-FUNAAB), the University Management headed by the University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Felix Kolawole Salako, assured the Muslims that the decision of the Senate which placed a ban on the use of Niqob (Veil) shall be revisited.

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According to the University Management, they are unaware of the signpost comparing Hijab and Niqob with mini-skirt, citing that it has been initially removed but resurfaced without their consent. It was reported that the School has ordered an investigation into how it resurfaced.

Speaking on the meeting held between the University, the Muslim Community and MSSN-FUNAAB, the Ameer (Leader) of the MSSN said in a press release on Monday that the University Administration under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Felix Kolawole Salako assured that no student will be victimized or have their rights trampled upon by the University.

The statement reads:

“Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

“Dear Brethren,

“The leadership of MSSN FUNAAB seize this medium to register our heartfelt appreciation for your support, concerns, prayers, and most importantly, your fervent display of peace towards the ongoing issue of Niqab in FUNAAB. We thought it wise to give an update on the development so far;

“Earlier today, a meeting was held between the University management, the leadership of the Muslim community, and the leadership of MSSN FUNAAB on conversations that border around the uprising on the issue of Niqab. At the meeting, the leadership of the Muslim community alongside the leadership of MSSN FUNAAB, unanimously expressed our standpoint that “The use of Niqab is a part of Islam, and a fundamental human right for anyone who chose to tow the path of using the Niqab”, and the following resolutions were made;

“1. The University Management assured that the directive of the senate which placed a ban on the use of Niqab in the University, shall be revisited.

“2. The University Management unequivocally absolved itself from the issue of the signpost that resurfaced, and immediately issued an order to investigate the resurfacing of the signpost.

“3. The University Management assured that no student will neither be victimized, nor have any of their rights violated on the accounts of expression of religion.

“In light of the above, we implore all our members and the general public, to remain ever peaceful, and continue to repose their trust in the leadership of MSSN FUNAAB, and the FUNAAB Muslim Community, as we continue on this journey.” [END]

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