How a Jobseeker, ‘Adebowale Sikiru’ escaped death in Ikoyi building collapse following rejection for being a Muslim

A job seeker, seeking of Fourscore Homes, the developing company in charge of the building that collapsed in Ikoyi, Lagos, was rejected because he is a Muslim 

Adebowale who was rejected, not because he was not qualified, but because of the religious he practiced. Adebowale who disclose this, in an interview with AN24, said this in an emphatic and emotional tone

The Interview started, when he was asked the time he reached the sit of interview

He replied with: I remember having a conversation with my friend, while still on site, that was 12: 45, let say like 1:00pm

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answering to the question, where were you there in the first place, Adebowale replied: 

“I went for an interview, and  I was supposed to see the GM, the job was beyond, what I thought it would be. I was expecting 9-5 job”

He paused, in an embarrassing tone, he said. 

‘He chastised me by saying ‘What church do you attend, and I replied with I’m a Muslim’

And he said, I cant work with a Muslim

he said.

Looking at the tone, in which the young job seeker narrated the story, he was disgusted, tired and embbararsed. that he will loose a job, he was qualified for, because of the religion he is practicing.

The building collapsed, which was reported by INTEL REGION as recorded a death toll of 36 people. 

Adebowale story might not have gotten out, if not for the unfortunate incident, INTEL REGION further investigates that Femi Osibona is a member of Redeemed Christian church of God (RCCG), and he had reserved the position for a member of the church. 

From the INTEL, INTEL REGION gathered the aide to the Vice president, Lanre Osibona is the younger Brother to Femi Osibona whose whereabouts is still uncertain

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