I presented “rejected” security contractors to Buhari to fight insecurity – Father Mbaka explains fallout with the President

Popular Nigerian Christain cleric, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, has explained the recent fallout between him and President Buhari.

Father Mbaka faced confrontational attacks from the Presidency after he called for the resignation of the President or impeachment by the National Assembly for allegedly failing to carry out his duty to protect the citizens of Nigeria.

Responding to his statements, the Presidential spokesperson, Mallam Garba Shehu rebuffed him for turning his back against the President because the President rejected the contractors he presented to him.

According to Garba Shehu, Father Mbaka demanded to receive some contracts from the President as a reward for his support to the Government since 2015.

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Although the nature of the contracts was not revealed, Garba Shehu said that the President asked him to follow the due process but he dissented to the proposition.

Speaking on the accusations on Sunday, Father Mbaka explained that he had truly presented some security contractors to the President to help the fight against insecurity in Nigeria.

He said he had no relationship with the contractors whom he described as “white people”, adding that he learnt that their request to work for the government was declined.

In his words, he said: “When they talked about giving Father Mbaka contracts, I don’t want to talk about that, I was laughing. It is a laughable, childish accusation.

“Whoever is saying that is a shame to himself and shame to the people he is representing. Father Mbaka’s voice came from the spiritual, so what I am saying is unchallengeable. Why I have been silent, I was waiting for them to change, until God said, ‘speak’. There are some messages that are like dew, some like rain, but some of them are like thunder. Anybody who is challenging that message is challenging the God of thunder and should be careful.

“I pay salaries to 23,000 people

“The Father Mbaka who was speaking is not just a priest but, by the special grace of God, is a job provider. To the glory of God, those that are benefitting from me, direct salary earners, are not less than 23,000 people.

“The person challenging Father Mbaka, how many people are you feeding? If I talk, you talk? Because the government is paying you — do you know how many people I am paying? Before you challenge me when I talk about unemployment, I am an employer. So, somebody talking about giving Father Mbaka contracts, I started laughing. The three men he talked about, I am not here to defend anybody’s stupid allegation but God used that man to tell the world that Buhari’s government is not giving me money. You see how God works? Shehu, may God bless you for telling everybody that you are not giving me contracts.

“And these are the three men that we brought that will handle insecurity for the country; they had the gadgets. The white people, they had the facilities. That was during the first administration. And they said they will help them in conquering insecurity. They had the platform to end insecurity in this country under one month; under Abba Kyari. I just handed them over to the government people. They denied them of these; I don’t even know these people. They just came to Enugu and said, can I help them reach the government, that the level of insecurity in this country and how Nigeria has been shipping their oil out, refining and bringing them back, that we are losing. That they have all it takes to revive the oil apparatus in the country and get the whole youths employed and the issue of insecurity will die. These are the three people that they rejected their offer.

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