IPOB militias assault politicians, vow elections won’t hold in Igboland

Gunmen suspected to be IPOB militias attacked politicians at a meeting in Enugu West Senatorial District at the weekend, threatening that no election will hold in any part of Igboland.

The gunmen, who drove into the venue of the meeting in a yellow mini-bus, shot repeatedly as participants fled in different directions.

Those who could not escape were ordered to lie down in the mud as some women wailed.

They were beaten, molested and harassed.

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According to daily trust, INTEL REGION understands that  a video of the incident was  seen and the armed men, who were not masked, carefully ensured that their faces did not show, probably to avoid being identified.

In the 4:50 minutes video, vehicles and motorbikes were smashed by the gunmen, who threatened to deal with anyone organising a political gathering in Igboland.

“What are you doing here? You are here for party politics like you do every four years.”

“Why do you want to bring them back? You want to bring problem into Enugu West again. We have asked you people to stop these party campaigns you are doing on our land. You are all here for party campaigns. You are the ones destroying Enugu West.!” the gunmen said.

Asked what should be their punishment if they tried to organise another political gathering, one of the men who laid on the floor, “kill me. If you see me here again doing meeting, kill me.”

The armed men then continued, “We’ve stopped political campaign in this land. We don’t want anybody coming out for anything campaign. There will be no election in this country anymore.”

The Proscribed IPOB group which philosophy is based on Tribalism, separatism, secessionism seems to be gaining attention from the media in recent days, by assaulting, killing and burning of people’s livelihood, in order to create fear and make the South East ungovernable 

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