JUST IN: UAE lists six Nigerians among global financiers of terrorism in a 52 man list

The United Arab Emirates on Monday listed six Nigerians as financiers of Boko Haram and other criminal activities.

The decision was made when the Emirate federal cabinet met in the capital Abu Dhabi on Monday, according to state-run WAM news agency.

Abdurrahaman Ado Musa, Salihu Yusuf Adamu, Bashir Ali Yusuf, Muhammed Ibrahim Isa, Ibrahim Ali Alhassan and Surajo Abubakar Muhammad were the six Nigerians placed on the Middle-East giant’s watch list.

The decision came about a year after the Nigerians were indicted for sponsoring Boko Haram. A Nigerian government official said to be involved in sponsoring the dreaded sect that has killed over 100,000 civilians and security forces and inflicted untold economic damage on the country since its campaign began in 2009.

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The government official has yet to be publicly identified by the Emirati authorities, amidst claims that some elements in the Nigerian government were mounting diplomatic pressure not to publish the name.

At least 47 other foreign nationals and entities were also added to the watch list by the UAE on Monday.

Following is the full list of added individuals:

  1. Ahmed Mohammed Abdulla Mohammed Alshaiba Alnuaimi (UAE)
  2. Mohamed Saqer Yousif Saqer Al Zaabi (UAE)
  3. Hamad Mohammed Rahmah Humaid Alshamsi (UAE)
  1. Saeed Naser Saeed Naser Alteneiji (UAE)
  2. Hassan Hussain Tabaja (Lebanon)
  3. Adham Hussain Tabaja (Lebanon)
  4. Mohammed Ahmed Musaed Saeed (Yemen)
  5. Hayder Habeeb Ali (Iraq)
  6. Basim Yousuf Hussein Alshaghanbi (Iraq)
  7. Sharif Ahmed Sharif Ba Alawi (Yemen)
  8. Manoj Sabharwal Om Prakash (India)
  9. Rashed Saleh Saleh Al Jarmouzi (Yemen)
  10. Naif Nasser Saleh Aljarmouzi (Yemen)
  11. Zubiullah Abdul Qahir Durani (Afghanistan)
  12. Suliman Saleh Salem Aboulan (Yemen)
  13. Adel Ahmed Salem Obaid Ali Badrah (Yemen)
  14. Ali Nasser Alaseeri (Saudi Arabia)
  15. Fadhl Saleh Salem Altayabi (Yemen)
  16. Ashur Omar Ashur Obaidoon (Yemen)
  17. Hazem Mohsen Farhan + Hazem Mohsen Al Farhan (Syria)
  18. Mehdi Azizollah Kiasati (Iran)
  19. Farshad Jafar Hakemzadeh (Iran)
  20. Seyyed Reza Mohmmad Ghasemi (Iran)
  21. Mohsen Hassan Kargarhodjat Abadi (Iran)
  22. Ibrahim Mahmood Ahmed Mohammed (Iran)
  23. Osama Housen Dughaem (Syria)
  24. Abdurrahaman Ado Musa (Nigeria)
  25. Salihu Yusuf Adamu (Nigeria)
  26. Bashir Ali Yusuf (Nigeria)
  27. Muhammed Ibrahim Isa (Nigeria)
  28. Ibrahim Ali Alhassan (Nigeria)
  29. Surajo Abubakar Muhammad (Nigeria)
  30. Alaa Khanfurah – Alaa Abdulrazzaq Ali Khanfurah – Alaa Alkhanfurah (Syria)
  31. Fadi Said Kamar (Great Britain)
  32. Walid Kamel Awad (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
  33. Khaled Walid Awad (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
  34. Imad Khallak Kantakdzhi (Russia)
  35. Mouhammad Ayman Tayseer Rashid Marayat (Jordan)

    Following is the full list of the added entities:

  36. Ray Tracing Trading Co LLC
  37. H F Z A Arzoo International F Z E
  38. Hanan Shipping L.L.C
  39. Four Corners Trading Est
  40. Sasco Logistic L.L.C
  41. AlJarmouzi General Trading LLC
  42. Al Jarmoozi Cargo & Clearing (L.L.C)
  43. Al Jarmoozi Transport By Heavy & Light Trucks (L.L.C)
  44. Naser Aljarmouzi Ceneral Trading (L.L.C)
  45. Naser Aljarmouzi Cargo & Clearing LLC
  46. Wave Tech Computer LLC
  47. NYBI Trading – FZE
  48. KCL General Trading F Z E
  49. Alinma Group
  50. Al-Omgy & Bros Money Exchange.

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