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Nigeria Mami Water spirit is strong says by a lady that has swam in a different continent.

Deola Adebiyi, a lady that have started swimming at the age of five (5); she has swam in Indian Ocean (Mombassa, Kenya) and the Red Sea (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) said mami water spirits in Nigeria is strong after what she experience at Eleushi Beach in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Lady went to social media to share her experience.

Her Story

A couple of us decided to go to Elegushi to catch some cool fun. Regular stuff you know? We got there, set up things. Music was playing. People were drinking. Enjoyment was happening. Everything was all good.

I love swimming and i’ve swam in oceans before – Indian Ocean (Mombassa, Kenya) and Red Sea (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) So me going into the water wasn’t a big deal.

My friend (Sikastiq) decided he wanted to join me near the water. We held hands, walked to the shore and walked until the water reached a bit above our ankles. Everything was fine.

I turned to him and said ‘i feel like the water is calling me’ or something along those lines, i can;t remember exactly what i said. I turned to the water and said i’m coming, don’t worry i’m coming’ (or something along those lines)

Between, i say aversion of this whenever i’m near a swimming pool/big body water. This was not the first I’ve told someone that the water is calling me. Or that i can hear my fellow fishes calling for me.

Right i those words left my mouth, i slipped/fell into the water and took Saka down with me. At the same time, a big wave had just hit the shore so the undercurrent of the wave was pulling us away. 

I don’t know how long i turning and tumbling in the water. It honestly felt like forever. I closed my eyes and was legit ready for the water to take me to where ever it wanted when Saka suddenly pulled me up and out of the water.

What saved me was the fact that i was still holding his hand. Someone/people had seen what had happened, ran/swam to where we were drowning and pulled Saka who pulled me out. 

So yeah, that’s basically how i and Saka almost died at Elegush beach. it’s also why i have never gone swimming in Nigeria waters. The mermaid/mami water spirit is strong in these parts.

She However said that this what back in 2011/2012 i think.

Did you believe that mermaid water spirit in Nigeria is stronger than other counties as the lady said.

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jasmine January 14, 2020 at 3:25 pm

I completely agree with her, one time at alpha beach, I felt the water calling to me too


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