Nigerians react as Northern elders tell Buhari to resign

The Spokesman of the group, Hakeem Baba Ahmed had insisted that Buhari, despite his military background, has failed to protect Nigerians and needs to resign as the President.

“There is no indication that Buhari is planning to improve, he failed to protect citizens.

“Buhari has no excuse, we have given him a chance but five years now since he became president and assumed responsibility, things have gotten worse.

“Two years before he became president he told Jonathan to step aside and now there’s no security under his administration. Life has lost value in Nigeria, the Spokesman said.

Nigerians, reacting, supported the Northern Elders’ call for Buhari’s resignation, reiterating that insecurity has worsened in the nation.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter;

@Dolakindipe “Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed had said it all, Buhari has failed Nigerians in every ramification, Nigeria is not fighting a war with any nations but burying it’s citizens every day, Buhari resign, enough of killings in the North.”


‘Obinnaokorie1 “Northern Elders Forum asking Buhari to resign is an indictment to APC failure in governance. No matter the lies Lai Mohammed propaganda to change the narrative, APC failure does not need (KPI) Key Performance Index to show it, it’s obvious for the blind to see.”

@AJ_second “It is obvious that the only thing Buhari is good at is complaining about other people’s lack of technical know-how on how to end insecurity in the country. I stand with the Northern Elders Forum, the old man should resign and continue what he is best at complaining.”

@Little_noice “I’m proud of the honesty from Dr Hakeem, it is a clear gesture and respect to the need for leadership and if Buhari is a true Muslim should proceed to leave the office so that someone else can handle the situation properly.”

@Ab_akam “The Northern Elders forum is playing a script: criticise Buhari, and back another northerner to take over from Buhari. As long as Buhari doesn’t hand over power to the South-West APC, I am cool with whoever else takeovers from him.”


@Gmjack “Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed is a true Nigerian, speaking the facts as it is. Straight from the heart. It’s sad and worrisome that the APC-led government are playing politics with the lives of Nigerians.”

@emmanuellawal2 “Dr Hakeem has spoken my mind, the realities are glaring and obvious. No matter how we try to twist the security situation, it’s already very pathetic. We are all living at the mercy of the insurgents.


@Nemesis234 “The Northern elders are rather hypocritical, if this was happening in the South, they wouldn’t care, unlike the South who campaign aggressively time and time again for our citizens up North. It’s just unfortunate that things had to get to this stage for them to eventually speak.”

@Adekunleoyedel “The call is even too late in coming, things are in disarray, we’re past the declining level. The structure is in its disintegration stage under the worst liability of a leader that is comparable with a walking corpse.”


@DaveRise “I said this during the End SARS protest that he should resign and one idi*t insulted me all because he is from the North. Now see! It’s out of hand. He should just resign and stop forcing leadership when he is not fit to lead the Nation. Simple.”

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