Paralyzed man controls computer with his mind after Elon Musk injects Neuralink telepathy chip into his brain (Watch)

A paralyzed man was seen controlling a computer with his mind after Elon Musk inserted a telepathy chip into his brain.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Corp on Wednesday livestreamed an update with its first brain implant patient, showing the quadriplegic man who was able to play video games and online chess using his mind.

The milestone technology success comes a year after the Neuralink was cleared for the test.

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Musk announced that the patient received the implant on Sunday and “is recovering well”. The device is meant to have several applications, from restoring motor functionality within people to enabling a brain-computer interface.

There was no independent verification of Musk’s claims, and Neuralink did not offer too many details. Musk has touted Neuralink as the future of technology and medicine, but ethical concerns have been raised around the chip and its testing.


Neuralink registered as a medical research company in California in July 2016 and led by Elon Musk with funds largely of its own.

Telepati, as Musk claims, allows users to control cell phones or computers just by thinking, opening up the potential for control almost on all devices.

Neuralink’s main vision is to form a network of electrodes connected to the brain to communicate wirelessly with the world, allowing to share thoughts without the need for written or verbal language.

Neuralink technology involves installing a chip in the brain with a small flexible thread sewn by a sewing machine-like robot. This procedure is claimed by Musk to take only 30 minutes without general anesthesia, and patients can go home on the same day.

The electrodes on the Neuralink chip read signals from brain neurons, translating them into motor control that can control external technology or body function.

Neuralink claims to have tested implants in animals for several years, although the results varied. In a 2020 demonstration, Musk showed the Neuralink chip in pigs, and the following year, in monkeys playing computer games on thought.

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Meanwhile, the company has faced heavy controversy over trials of live animals, including monkeys and pigs. Although Neuralink denies animal abuse, previous claims mentioned monkey deaths during trials.

Despite promising progress, some experts warn of potential privacy problems with brain implants. Elon Musk has put forward several other potential applications, such as live music streaming to the brain and even claims of addiction and depression.


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