Amid war with Russia, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky escapes death in car accident

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky has escaped death after being involved in a car accident amid his country’s war with Russia.

According to reports, a motorist collided with a vehicle carrying Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky as his motorcade passed through Kyiv.

It was gathered that the president having been examined by a doctor, sustained no serious injuries.

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The president’s spokesman, Sergiy Nikiforov early hours of Thursday, September 16, 2022, confirmed the incident.

He said; “In Kyiv, a passenger car collided with the car of the President of Ukraine and escort vehicles.

“Medics accompanying the President provided the driver of the passenger car with emergency aid and transferred him to an ambulance,” the spokesperson added.

In his nightly televised address, video of which was posted shortly after the accident, Zelensky said he had just returned from the area around Kharkiv, adding that “almost the entire region is de-occupied” after a lightning counteroffensive to dislodge Russian troops.

“It was an unprecedented movement of our soldiers — the Ukrainians once again managed to do what many thought was impossible,” Zelensky said.

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Recall, that in Feburary 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in a major escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War that began in 2014.

The invasion caused Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II, with around 6.7 million Ukrainians fleeing the country and a third of the population displaced.

Meanwhile, the war is entering a decisive phase, with Kyiv’s forces expelling Russian troops from swathes of the east, appearing to seriously challenge the Kremlin’s ambition to capture the entire Donbas region.

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