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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

US Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, Abolishing the Constitutional Right to Abortion

The United State Supreme Court on Friday overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that had provided a constitutional right to abortion. 

The decision is anticipated to result in abortion restrictions in around half of the states. Several states headed by Democrats have taken action to protect abortion access.

“We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the majority opinion. “The Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision.”

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“It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives,” Alito wrote. The 78-page opinion was backed by Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, three of whom were appointed by President Trump

Prior to the verdict, Elizabeth Nash, state policy analyst at the Guttmacher Institute, a research group focused on abortion rights, told PEOPLE that the country will likely “start to see states, particularly the South, the Plains and Midwest, look to adopt abortion bans.”

However, there are efforts to maintain the right to abortion as Roe is overturned. Many states such as New York, Hawaii, California and Washington have statutory protections for abortion rights in their laws.

On the other hand Canada’s minister of families, Karina Gould, reaffirmed that Americans can access abortion services in Canada. “If they, people, come here and need access, certainly, you know, that’s a service that would be provided,” she told CBC News.


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