2020 Lagos Smart Meter Hackathon Tech Competitions

To address the metering gap in Nigeria, the Lagos State Government through its ministry of energy and mineral resources, in collaboration with the Eko Innovation Centre, has unveiled a smart meter initiative, the Lagos Smart Meter Hackathon 2020.

The initiative is expected to leverage the availability of local talents in Nigeria to develop and produce affordable smart electricity meters for consumers.

The aim is to also drive significant reduction of revenue losses and ultimately improve last-mile electricity supply.

The advisory board member at the Eko Innovation Centre, Doja Ekeruche, explained that a call for application had been sent out to local talents in the tech community to submit their proposed hardware and software solutions using the guidelines stipulated on the Lagos Smart Meter website.


  • Open to entrepreneurs, software enthusiasts, hackers and developers.
  • While the preference is to drive local participation and technology contribution, submissions are welcome from those who want to make a change and contribute to the making electricity supply better in Lagos.
  • You can participate in the Hackathon whether you’re starting your development from scratch or continuing a previously started project. Ensure you follow the requirements in the RFP document.


  • N7 million for combined winning hardware and software team.
  • Additionally, a percentage of the Intellectual Property royalties from the winning solution.
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Registration is FREE. If your prototype/s is ready, you can submit as hardware or software.

For hardware submissions, you are expected to submit:

  • A PDF version of electronic an electrical diagram of motherboard and device schematic designs/diagrams.
  • A sketch or 3D diagram of Device/Casing.
  • And/or a YouTube video URL of your prototype. You can mark your YouTube video unlisted but not private.

Currently, the application deadline is September 4, 2020. However, any extensions will be properly communicated by the Eko Innovation Centre.

Deadline: September 4, 2020

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