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APPLY: 2021 Girl Up Scholarship Fund For Post-Secondary School Education

The Girl Up Scholarship Fund application is open to self-identified girls, young women, and gender non-conforming youth who were assigned female at birth, of all nationalities and backgrounds. 

Girl Up welcomes Scholarship Fund applications from all individuals regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, cultural and ethnic background, disability, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

Girl Up is committed to bridging the gender gap and breaking down barriers everywhere they exist. Supported by partners and donors, the new Girl Up Scholarship Fund honors young leaders’ unwavering commitment to making the world a better place for every girl, everywhere.

Scholarship Details

Evaluation and selection criteria will be weighted for a competitive and fair evaluation. Selection criteria will include: 

  • Demonstrated commitment to gender equality 
  • Leadership potential 
  • Community involvement and school activities 
  • Educational and career goals and challenges 
  • Past academic performance (e.g. GPA) 
  • Applicant’s background (e.g. financial need, first-gen, DACA, disabilities, etc.) 
  • Letter of recommendation from an instructor, mentor, etc. and not a family member 
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Scholarship Requirements

The Girl Up Scholarship application is open to any self-identified girl or woman who: 

  • Is a Girl Up participant (event attendee, Club member, program participant, etc.) 
  • Is enrolled in a 2-year, 4-year, or technical college by time of funds disbursement (high school seniors can apply!) 
  • Is pursuing specific field in select categories: 
  • Storytelling – pursuing storytelling/communications fields and/or related field; 
  • Sports – pursuing athletics, sports-related field and/or plans to use sports as a platform for advocacy 
  • STEM – pursuing science, technology, engineering, math and/or related field
  • Has no familial relationship with a UN Foundation employee or other conflict-of-interest with the UN Foundation 
  • NOTE: The Girl Up Scholarships application is open to applicants of all nationalities. Applicants who identify as first-generation American, Black or African-American, Latinx, undocumented, DACA, and/or have a disability are encouraged to apply. 

Scholarship Duration and Reward

A Girl Up Scholarship is intended to alleviate financial burdens of post-secondary education to members of the Girl Up Community and support the success of students working to advance gender equality. In 2021, Girl Up will award $87,500 in scholarships ($2,500 to at least 35 recipients). 

Girls have a tremendous, often untapped power to change the world. Girl Up helps girls access their inner power to advance the skills, rights, and opportunities of girls everywhere. Now more than ever, we believe in the power of girls to make a difference – starting by supporting Girl Up members to pursue higher education to reduce gender gaps in fields like Storytelling, STEM, and sports (in year 2021). 



Essay 1 

In 500 words or less, describe the community you grew up in and how it influenced you, your upbringing, values, experiences, and educational aspirations. What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome? Girl Up is committed to diversity and inclusion in all forms and respects all of our supporters’ complex and varying identities. 

Essay 2 

In 250 words or less, describe how this scholarship will help advance your personal, professional and/or academic career goals? How can you increase gender equality through storytelling, STEM, or sports? 

Essay 3 

In 250 words or less, how have you advanced gender equality in your community? In what ways have you demonstrated your leadership potential through these activities? 

Essay 4

Storytelling Applicants: In 500 words or less, give an example of how you’re involved in storytelling (journalism, news broadcasting, poetry, etc.)? How have you used storytelling to make a change in your community? How has your storytelling experiences developed you as a leader? 

Sports Applicants: In 500 words or less, give an example of how you’re involved in sports (athlete, attendee, fan, etc.)? How have you used sports as a platform to make a change in your community? How have sports developed you as a leader? 

STEM Applicants: In 500 words or less, give an example of how you’re involved in STEM (area of study, club, work etc.)? How have you used STEM as a platform to make a change in your community? How has STEM developed you as a leader? 

Method of Application

The application questions are only available in English. If you would like to submit your answers in a language other than English please email info@girlup.org.

Use the link below to apply 

Deadline: May 17, 2021

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