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APPLY: 2021 Global Undergraduate Internship at Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank offer banking services that help people and companies to succeed, creating wealth and growth across our markets. Our heritage and values are expressed in our brand promise – Here for Good. 

Help us make real, lasting change that goes well beyond wealth creation alone. From supporting global trade and investment to helping people, companies and communities grow and prosper, we do everything in the best possible way. It’s what makes us different.

We give you the freedom and accountability to make a real difference to the work you do, challenge where we could be better and find new opportunities for innovation.  You’ll be part of an inclusive community driven by integrity and transparency that balances how we do business with our promise to be Here for Good.

Internship Details

The International Graduate Programme is ~18 months long, including 4 weeks of induction, 12 months of training rotations and 6 months of business rotations.

The Global Internship Programme is 10 weeks long, includes 1 week of induction, 8 weeks of project work and on the job training and 1 week of evaluation.

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Internship Requirements

For our Internships, you must be in your second to last year of study to apply. We will accept applications from final year students who are required to complete mandatory National or Military Service after graduation. To apply for an Internship position, you must have the legal right to work on a permanent basis in the country for which you’re applying for the full duration of the internship. If you’re applying in the US, you must have the legal right to work on a permanent basis. We are unable to apply for work permits for any Internship.

As English is the business language of Standard Chartered across the world, you need to be able to speak business-level English. Being able to speak more than one language would be an advantage.

Application Process

There are a few steps to the application process.

Below should help you understand what you’ll need to prepare for each stage:

Step 1: Short application form

When you complete the online form, you can include:

  • References
  • Educational experience
  • Work or volunteering experience and dates
  • A personal statement:
    • What you’ll bring to the role
    • Why we’re your preferred choice.
    • What makes us different?
    • Skills and experiences from your studies that you’ll bring to your role with Standard Chartered
    • Specifics of your work, volunteering or community experience that you’ll bring to your role with Standard Chartered

Step 2: Online strengths assessment

This is a personality test that helps both you and us assess whether you’re a good fit for the role. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions, just be yourself and answer truthfully.

Step 3: Numerical and abstract reasoning tests

The aptitude tests help us match your ability to the right role. The tests will get progressively more challenging based on your answers and should only take 12-15 minutes.

Step 4: Video interview

The first time we meet you will be via an online video interview. We’ll talk about your application and your strengths.

Step 5: Face-to-face interview

The first time we meet in person will be with the graduate team at your local Standard Chartered offices.

Step 6: Face-to-face business interview

When you’re through to the final stage, you’ll interview with the people you’ll be working with. They’ll already be working in the stream you applied for.

Interview tips

Because we believe in diversity, we won’t ask everyone the same question. Instead, we’ll get to know you to understand if you’re the right fit for us and we’re the right fit for you.

Things you’ll need to prepare for your interview:

  • Remind yourself of what’s in your application, we’ll start with questions about your experience
  • Always be yourself – we want to get to know who you are Tell us exactly why you want to work with us
  • Be confident. Tell us your passions, what you hope to achieve from the role and what you’ll do afterwards
  • Demonstrate what you (and only you) will bring to the role This is your opportunity to stand out. Tell us a story or an experience that challenged you and how you overcame that challenge. This doesn’t have to be finance related.
  • Questions you’d like to ask us
    Ask us anything. We love hearing your questions about the role and the company.

Method of Application

To prepare for your application and interview, get to know what the Standard Chartered Graduate scheme stands for and where you can apply your skill.

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