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How I landed Chinese and Korean Government Scholarships for MSc in 2013 – Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi

A Research Fellow at MSL, University of British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi, has taken to his twitter handle to narrate how he landed both the Chinese and Korean Government Scholarships for his Masters Degree in 2013.

In his story, he highlighted how he got the information about the Scholarship and how he applied for both Scholarships.

As one of the aims of Scholarship Region, we believe informing you about his story can be a lot helpful to Scholarship pursuit. Here is his full story.

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I was about 6 months away to the end of my Msc program in ESKU that a senior colleague who was a recipient of the popular Chinese scholarship program sent me the links to China Scholarship Council (CSC) and Korea Government Scholarship (KGSP) via facebook.

She wasn’t sure if I was interested since she sent to a lot of people as well. I had MTN night plan then in addition to my laptop with faulty battery. So, I had no choice than to depend on PHCN 1am-3am stable power.

I proceed to writing few schools in China and Korea respectively indicating my interest to apply for MS under the scholarships programs. I made sure no where in my SOP indicated that I was a current MS student.

I submitted my applications to Jiangnan University, China under CSC and Daejeon University, Korea for Korea Government Scholarship (KGSP) using NIPOST since I applied without telling my family. Apparently I couldn’t afford DHL. Kudos to Nigerian Postal Service.

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Daejeon called for about 15 min interview and it went well. I got school nomination and made the final list of the Korea Government Scholarship (KGSP) in 2013 (9 of us from Nigeria were selected for the university track).

Jiangnan University offer came a month after and I had to choose Korea since my flight was covered by Korea Government Scholarship (KGSP). It was a wonderful experience flying for free on Emirate for the first time in my place (who no like better thing na).

The bottom line is that I invested in relationship. I had a close relationship with my senior colleague prior to that time she sent the links and till date.

I was trained for free in Korea and today I extend the wonderful gesture Korea gave me to prospective applicants for free. I do this with every sincerity of purpose to correct the impression that education is a scam.

Korea Government Scholarship (KGSP) application opens in Feb but it’s never a crime to start your application now. Download the 2020 application zip folder via studyinkorea.go.kr and prepare your application and necessary documents prior to the official opening next month.
For China, most applications are on including CSC, ANSO, UCAS.

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