Yes, you read right. You don’t have to sit in an office working 24/7 before you earn N50,000 in a month. Having a good phone that can access the internet is enough for you to earn N50,000 in a month. You have to learn how to make your phone useful. In fact, N50,000 is just a minimum, with more hard work, you can walk home with over N300,000 at the end of every month.

Now, you can only know how to achieve this feat if and only if you read this carefully. That you don’t have a job does not mean you should not earn something that can sustain you and your family. That job you are looking for sometimes might not pay you N50,000 and sometimes a little above N50,000.

If you are working for someone as an employee in an office, 8AM – 5PM everyday and at the end of the month, you go home with N30,000 or less, you should find a side job or quit and start working for yourself. If you are still looking for a job, this article will be of great use for you and it can really make you richer than your potential employer.

Let’s get to business, this is the serious part and only serious minded people like you will keep reading.

First of all, it is important to note that what I am about to give you used to be a secret for the few that are already making thousands of Naira in this business. This is not betting or a ponzi scheme where you stand a risk of losing something. This business has NO SUCH RISK and what makes it even more interesting is that you can start with ZERO NAIRA in your account.

I started this business last year after I met a colleague that put me through. He said to me “What have you been doing with such a big phone?” I was using a TECNO W4 which was not so big, so I replied that I am not using a big phone. Then he said “This phone you are holding can earn you a living”.

I was eager to learn how I can make my phone useful, so we sat down for some minutes as he explains to me how THE DATA WELL works.

The Data Well Logo

I registered with THE DATA WELL (Free of Charge) and got in touch with their exceptional customer service on WhatsApp who provided me with every necessary support I needed to start earning immediately.

Thanks to The Data Well Support guy, he basically taught me how to do sales business. I used to be a novice when it comes to business but after chatting with him, I think I am now an expert and can maybe manage one of Dangote’s companies. Lol. I made N1,000 in the first day and the rest is history.

How The Data Well Works:

THE DATA WELL is a Data wholesales seller. They buy huge volume of data and share it at cheaper prices. For example; MTN 1GB goes for just N500. I do sell MTN 1GB in my area at N650, so I get to pocket a N150 profit from the sales.

This website processes orders automatically and swiftly. It works on a Wallet system, which means that after registration, you will fund your wallet to make an order on the website. Funding your wallet is so easy; it can be done using your ATM or Bank Transfer.

The Data Well Phone Wallet Funding

How to Start with Your Phone:

  1. Register on The Data Well

Create an Account on THE DATA WELL Free of Charge. Sign Up to The Data Well by Clicking Here. The website will open in a new tab. Fill the short form and Click Register.

2. Congratulations, your account has been created and you can start earning.

3. Now Click on the Green Button that says “Fund Wallet”

You can use the Online Funding Method or Bank Transfer as stated in the instruction.

The Data Well Phone Fund Wallet

4. Good, you have fund in your wallet and you can now buy and sell data plans to make money.


Quick preview on How much you can make by being a data reseller.

In my first month, I started with MTN sales. I just wondered that out of the about 50 Million MTN users in Nigeria, if I sell MTN 1GB to just 5,000 of them at N650 (which is cheap), I will make a total of 5,000 x N150 = N750,000.

Waw, 750,000 is not a very big figure, so it is a mission that is POSSIBLE.

In the first day, I sold MTN 1GB at N650 to 6 people. Remember that I bought it at N500.

So my profit is N150 per sale and so selling to 6 people means N150 x 6 = N900.

On the same day, I sold 2GB to my mum at N1,100 which I got from The Data Well at N1,000 which means I gained N100.

And that is how I made N1,000 (N900 + N100) on my First Day in Office.

One good thing about this is that I had no money in my account; I funded my Data Well Wallet with the money that was paid into my account by those I sold data to.

For example; I told my mum that I sell cheap data plans, I told her the prices, she loved the prices and said she wants 2GB. I told her to transfer to my bank account and she transferred N1,100. Immediately, I transferred N1,000 to The Data Well to fund my wallet and after 2 minutes she received the Data on her phone.

My N100 profit sits comfortably in my bank account. Very easy and soft.

After One Month, I had a profit of N50,000 sitting in my account. Then I thought, even if I had a job in Lagos as a young man, I might not be paid N50,000 in a month. And even if I am being paid N50,000 in a month, I will spend most on transportation and I will have to be waking up early in the morning to resume office by 8AM. This N50,000 is like N100,000 compared to those working in offices.


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