Voicing Your Brand in the Digital Marketplace

Having a brand is much more than your range of products, your logo, your website or your packaging, it includes your values, your voice, and more importantly, the experience you create for your clientele.

When building a brand, you must understand that your products or services alone cannot build preference or loyalty, the world of business is undergoing a continuous upgrade since the advent of technology and the competition is vastly on the increase. You must possess the voice talent to communicate your brand story – and make it compelling – to keep people coming back.

According to the Hootsuite and We are Social Digital reports published in January 2019, there are 4.388 Billion active internet users in the world, making 57% of the world’s total population.

The internet houses so many digital marketplaces majorly search engines and social media, which contains a huge variety of audience that can be tapped into. In voicing your brand, being on a platform that has more than 50% of the world’s population is compulsory. A smart way to voice your brand and be heard in such a huge crowd is by following these few steps;

  1. selecting the right platform on the internet,
  2. finding out what makes your brand unique and
  3. targeting the right audience.


In digital marketing, one of the smartest strategies is to do more of “what is working” – what has worked for some people that have promoted similar brands.

Brands have found Google, YouTube and Facebook to be the most useful platforms to promote your brand, which should not be a surprise since Google is the most visited website followed by YouTube and Facebook.

Why Google?

I know you might be wondering why voicing your brand on google is so important since it is just a search engine. Yes, google is a search engine that can be employed to find a variety of information such as websites, pictures, maps, locations or anything bordering you, just type it in google search box, it brings an answer. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

If Google’s mission is to make information (brand) universally accessible and they are doing their job so well to make them the most visited website in the world, you must make your brand visible to google.

Your audience must find you before they get to listen to your voice.


YouTube is a video sharing platform. It is the second most visited website in the world with 24.31 Billion visits in June 2019 alone. Video is a very powerful tool to voice your brand, it avails you the opportunity to educate people about your brand in the real voice communication. Your ability to speak with confidence and clarity helps you acquire people’s trust. Getting people to trust your brand is the most important benefit you can get from YouTube, once your brand is trusted, your audience will be ready to take actions.


With 2.38 Billion users, Facebook is the biggest social media and unlike some other social media, Facebook has real time data of its users, their real name, location, friends, friends of friends, interests, and so on. This gigantic pool of data has given facebook a rare insight into people’s behavior and interests and therefore making it possible for you to get in touch with real people interested in your brand. Also, your interactions with people on this platform help them build deeper relationship with your brand. They feel being a part of your brand and know you are listening to their thoughts.


Voicing your brand

Your product alone will not build loyalty until you are able to identify the aspects of your brand that no other company can match. Once you have reflected on and identified these unique aspects, leverage them to help your audience understand why choosing another brand is not in their best interest.


With digital marketing, what used to be impossible with traditional methods of brand promotion such as posters, radio adverts, etc has been made possible. A brand in the United States can now compete effectively with a Brand in Nigeria despite the huge number of Kilometers between these countries.

You must identify the problem people are encountering that your brand is solving. Once you have identified this problem, the voice of your brand will be heard audibly wherever the problem is all over the world.



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