Funny moment as Referee disallows a goal after watching replay on fan’s mobile phone (Video)

A soccer referee disallowed a goal after a fan who took a video of the shot showed him the replay on a mobile phone.

The match official in one of Serbia’s lower division competitions initially ruled out the goal for offside after a player from the blue jersey team headed the ball into the goal from a free-kick.

But a hilarious viral video shows the referee studying a clip of the shot taken by a spectator in a pink shirt leaning over the fence to show him the footage.

The VAR has been introduced in all the major leagues with lower leagues and third-world countries making an effort to introduce the phenomenon soon. But this is still a challenge as witnessed recently in a Serbian game.

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After studying the video several times, he tells a player on the scoring team (in blue) that he will let the goal stand – much to the delight of the side.

Another video shows the shot in question, with one of the blue-clad players heading the ball home from a free kick, only to have it disallowed for offside.

Another man in a black shirt – who is standing on the pitch and appears linked to the side who were disallowed the goal – argues with the official as he reviews the footage, while other spectators join in as they try to pass the verdict cancel.

The referee then takes the phone onto the field and is still studying the video while players from both sides gather to find out if he will reverse his decision.

He appears to watch the footage multiple times before awarding the goal, sending the blue-clad players into a frenzy as they run off to celebrate.

It’s unclear if the competition’s rules allow decisions based on video evidence to be overturned – particularly if it was provided by a fan instead of footage shot for television.

Here’s how they do it in the pros: The semi-automated system being tested in the Champions League uses tracking technology and artificial intelligence and was responsible for Chelsea’s disallowing a goal against Dinamo Zagreb (pictured)

If the Video Review Assistant (VAR) believes the referee made a mistake, he may recommend that the decision be overturned.

A recent report said the EPL will use semi-automated offsides instead of the manually drawn lines the VAR is currently working with after successfully testing the system in the Champions League.

The new system sends an automatic alert to the VAR official when a player is offside and uses tracking technology and artificial intelligence to make instant decisions.

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