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Manchester United star, Cristiano Ronaldo announces when he will retire from football

Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo has announced in an interview that he is aiming to continue his footballing career until the age of 42.


This 36-year-old is United’s top scorer, scoring 14 goals in all competitions this season.

Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford last summer and signed a two-year contract with an additional one-year option. Now he wants to play at the highest level for another 6 years.

When asked whether he can see a limit to his longevity, he told ESPN: “I feel happy to be a player who has shown who, in my case, longevity has been a crucial factor for me to keep playing at a high level, putting in good performances.

“Genetically I feel like I’m 30 years old. I take great care of my body and my mind. Something I’ve learned recently is that after 33, I believe the body can deliver if you need it, but the real battle is mental.

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“Going through many things with the focus on the end goal of staying at a high level is the hardest thing, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last few years.

I’ve been working and focusing more on working on my mind. I know my body will handle me because I have a lot of respect for it and I listen to it a lot.

“Life has to have important moments, for better or for worse, but when you fall you must have the strength to get up. I’m happy, I want to stay here and see what will happen.

“I want to find out if I’m going to play until I’m 40, 41, or 42, but the most important thing is that my daily goal is to enjoy the moment.”

Ronaldo is still far behind former United and Tottenham striker Teddy Sheringham. Teddy Sheringham holds the record for being the oldest outfielder in the Premier League in 40 years and 272 days.

The oldest Guinness World Record for professionally organized matches belongs to Ezerdin Bajadel, who was 74 years 125 days when he played in Egypt’s Third Division match in October 2020.

Ronaldo also hinted that football needs to follow in the footsteps of the NFL and NBA when it comes to giving athletes time to recover and rest. Workload issues were a big topic of conversation.

Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich and Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain opposed FIFA’s proposal to host the World Cup every two years.

When asked about the lifespan of NFL star Tom Brady and NBA icon LeBron James, Ronaldo replied: “I think the very important point is the difference in sports.”

“You mentioned a great athlete who has been active for many years. In my opinion, no other sport is as labor-intensive as football. For example, the NBA has long breaks, but I don’t want to expand it. “

All this was extracted from Cristiano Ronaldo interview with ESPN Brasil.

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