Nigeria’s Israel Adesanya in trouble as ex-girlfriend reportedly demands half of his wealth

Israel Adesanya, the current middleweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is making waves online following reports that his former girlfriend is requesting half of his net worth.

Israel Adesanya and Charlotte Powdrell, who were reportedly in a long-term relationship but were never married, are at the center of a controversy after Powdrell demanded a portion of Adesanya’s wealth.

According to UFC fighter Sean O’Malley on a podcast, he expressed displeasure at the demands issued to Adesanya by the woman.

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On his podcast, he said, “They are not married right they were never married I didn’t believe it she want’s half of his s*t.

“I don’t know how their relationship was ever because I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend, but to want half of his s*t to want half of what he’s gone out there and done is absolutely ridiculous.

I mean it’s hard to say who knows maybe if they were together for 15 years since the beginning and she didn’t work because she was constantly making him food massage and at the gym doing all this stuff for him.”

Adesanya is considered one of the most successful mixed martial artists in the world, with an impressive record of 21 wins and only two losses.

He has established himself as one of the most exciting and dominant fighters in the UFC, with his flashy fighting style and incredible precision striking.

In addition to his fighting skills, Adesanya is also a successful entrepreneur, with ventures ranging from a fashion line to cryptocurrency investments.

However, Adesanya’s success has not shielded him from controversy, as his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell has reportedly claimed a significant portion of his wealth.

Although they were never married, Powdrell alleges that she has a right to a share of Adesanya’s fortune, citing the fact that they dated for a long time and that she supported him during his rise to the top of the UFC.

The situation has generated significant debate, with many fans and fellow fighters weighing in on the matter.

Some argue that Powdrell has no legal claim to Adesanya’s wealth, while others believe that she deserves a share for the role she played in his success.

On a recent podcast, UFC fighter Sean O’Malley expressed his disapproval of Powdrell’s demands, suggesting that she is simply trying to cash in on Adesanya’s success.

Nonetheless, the situation remains unresolved, and it is unclear how Adesanya and Powdrell will ultimately resolve their dispute.

In conclusion, the news of Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend demanding a significant portion of his wealth has generated significant controversy, with many fans and fighters weighing in on the matter.

Adesanya’s status as one of the UFC’s most successful fighters and entrepreneurs has made him a target for those seeking to cash in on his success.

However, it remains to be seen how this situation will be resolved, and Adesanya’s future both inside and outside of the octagon remains unclear.

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