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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Breaking: Nigeria witnesses total power outage “in 2019”

Technological advancements all over the world seems to have abandoned Nigeria’s power sector in the stone age despite the gargantuan amount of resources in the country.

Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa and 7th most populous in the world have failed to utilize the enourmous human capital resources, oil revenue and fertile soil to establish a stable electricity generation system.

Nigerians have for so many years criticized many administrations for the poor power supply in the country. However, the problems of the Nigerian Power sector has many times defied efforts by successive administrations to provide long lasting solutions. The Power problems of Nigeria now appears to be bigger than Nigeria’s human capital resources.

Recently, the poor power sector witnessed another big blow when the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) embarked on a Nationwide strike to protest non payment of salary arrears among other privileges.

In a petition written to the Ministry of Power by the NUEE dated Nov 7, 2019, the union warned and gave a 21-day ultimatum to declare a nationwide strike if their demands were not met by the electricity companies.

Among there demands includes; non-payments of salary arrears, remittance of pension deductions, refusal to pay over 2,000 disengaged workers of the ex-PHCN staff since 2013, underpayment of over 50,000 ex-PHCN staff and casualisation/outsourcing of workers as reported by the News Agency of Nigeria.

The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) failed to respond to the petition before the December 10 expiry date stated in the letter.

The NUEE on Decemcer 11, 2019 after no response was gotten from the Ministry of Power embarked a Nationwide strike, shutting down all power grid of the country.

This development has brought a lot of hardship to the Nigerian people and with immediate effect, Nigerians reacted negatively to the development.

Some Nigerians however, took to their twitter handle to express their dissatisfaction in Nigerian Power sector even before the nationwide black out. Udo, a twitter user in Nigeria compared the the difference between Nigeria 10 years ago and now in terms of power supply with 2 dark images.

The strike seems to have gained national interest as it is now the most discussed topic in Nigeria despite many other issues surrounding the country like President Buhari accused of being a dictator as well as the crack in the Presidency that saw the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, attack the Spokesperson of the President, Garba Shehu among many others.

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